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The Siemens Environmental Portfolio

Many of our products are helping customers to reduce their environmental footprint and combat climate change. These are the products that make up the Siemens Environmental Portfolio.

Energy-efficient solutions and environmental technologies from our Environmental Portfolio typically have a three-fold advantage: they benefit our customers, who boost their own success through low energy costs and higher productivity; they benefit future generations, whose living and environmental conditions we’re preserving and helping improve; and they benefit our own company by enabling us to tap attractive markets and generate profitable growth.


A broad spectrum of environmental technologies and energy-efficient solutions

The Siemens portfolio largely consists of capital goods with long lifecycles and used by our customers for long periods of time. We maintain close ties with our customers and develop a large part of our portfolio in collaboration with them, often on site. This is particularly true of our Environmental Portfolio products and solutions, designed to help protect the environment and the climate. There are three main categories in the portfolio:

  • Products and systems such as combined cycle power plants and intelligent building technologies, that are far more energy-efficient than comparable solutions,
  • Renewable energy systems and components such as wind turbines and steam turbines for solar-thermal power plants, and
  • Environmental technologies for cleaner water and air.


Growth continues

With our Environmental Portfolio, we aim to drive our growth by helping customers to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, bring down their energy costs and enhance their business success through greater productivity.

In fiscal 2014, products and solutions in our Environmental Portfolio generated revenue of €33.0 billion, accounting for 46% of our revenues from continuing operations, and helped our customers to reduce 428 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.