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Corporate Citizenship

Siemens has been committed to being socially responsible – a good corporate citizen – ever since its founding.

We do business in 190 countries, where we are always an integral part of society – as an investor, a provider of goods and services, an employer, and a customer. As a good corporate citizen all over the world, Siemens actively fosters social development that promises a viable future – thus safeguarding its own future as well. Sustainable corporate success depends on the greatest possible social stability in those countries where we do business.

We focus our corporate citizenship activities in three areas: education, social and humanitarian assistance, and environmental protection and conservation.

Education is a precious resource

Science education for our next generation is crucial to the future of the human race – but also to the future of our company.

Responsibility for the environment

For Siemens, social and economic responsibility means taking environmental protection seriously.

Social and humanitarian assistance

Social and humanitarian assistance are core elements of our involvement as a good corporate citizen.