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Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics, operating along the electrification, automation and digitalization value chains.

The company provides innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how that benefit customers in more than 200 countries. It has around 343,000 employees (in continuing operations) working to develop and manufacture products, design and install complex systems and projects, and tailor a wide range of solutions for individual requirements. For over 167 years, Siemens has been standing for technical achievements, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. In fiscal 2014, Siemens consolidated revenue from continuing operations amounted to €71.9 billion and income equals €5.5 billion (IFRS).

As an integrated technology company, Siemens is proud of its global network of innovation. The company has around 28,800 researchers and developers around the world working on innovations that help secure and expand its market leader position. Around 56,100 patents demonstrate our creative prowess, making Siemens one of the world’s most innovative companies. Our innovations have changed the world – from the first electronic controls to fully automated factories, from the invention of the dynamo to the world's most efficient gas turbines, and from the first views inside the body to full-body 3D scans.

Siemens is also a responsible corporate citizen that fulfills its commitments to society. We are delivering the right answers to the toughest questions of our time. Our innovative products, systems and solutions set the standards. For example, in fiscal 2014, products and solutions in our Environmental Portfolio generated revenue of €33.0 billion, which accounted for 46% of our revenues from continuing operations, and helped our customers to reduce 428 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In 2014, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index again named Siemens the world’s most sustainable company in its industry group. In everything we do, we continue to honor the values defined by our founders in 1847: responsible, excellent and innovative.