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Responsibility for the environment

Environmental protection has been fundamental to Siemens for many years.


Environmental and climate protection at Siemens

Our customers all over the world benefit from a broad range of forward-looking technologies in our unique environmental portfolio. It includes outstanding products and solutions that make a direct, demonstrable contribution towards protecting the environment and the climate, including solar plants, offshore and onshore wind farms, and the latest biomass and small hydroelectric plants.


Green City Index: Environmental study of major cities

The Green City Index examines the environmental performance of numerous large urban areas in various regions of the world. Commissioned by Siemens and carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the study analyzes and compares the environmental achievements of the metropolises. The Index aims to heighten awareness of the challenges facing cities in their efforts to promote sustainability and to highlight exemplary best practices. To date, Green City Indexes have been conducted for key cities in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Germany.