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Our key goals

Our sustainability goals reflect our company's major challenges and topics. We've developed and defined them in a joint analysis with the relevant specialist departments. Here's a selection of our key goals.

Help customers reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 300 million tons

In fiscal 2011, products and systems from our Environmental Portfolio reduced carbon dioxide emissions at our customers by some 317 tons. We've thus already exceeded our goal to reducing our customers' annual carbon emissions by around 300 million tons by the end of fiscal 2011.

Grow Environmental Portfolio revenue to €40 billion

Our goal is to generate revenue of at least €40 billion from our Environmental Portfolio in fiscal 2014. With revenue of €29,9 billion in fiscal 2011, we were well on the way to achieving it.

Improve carbon dioxide efficiency by 20 percent

The improvement of our carbon dioxide efficiency with respect to emissions from energy use by 20 percent in fiscal 2011 was one of our key targets. We have exceeded this goal by 22 percent. Further details will be published in our Sustainability Report 2011.

Increase water efficiency by 20 percent

With a reduction of 33 percent we've clearly exceeded our goal to increasing the efficiency of water consumption by 20 percent by fiscal 2011 compared to 2006 on a revenue-adjusted basis. We will publish further details in our Sustainability Report 2011.