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Principles of sustainability

Sustainability these days is a buzzword used in many different contexts with many different connotations. But what does it mean for a multinational company? We at Siemens don't just talk about sustainability. We've made the three areas of sustainable development - environment, business and society - the cornerstone of all our activities.

Acting responsibly for a successful future

In the area of the environment, we're providing innovative products and solutions to improve both our own ecobalance and those of our customers and suppliers. In the area of business, we're focusing on long-term value creation. And in the area of society, we're fostering our own employees and striving to be good citizens in all the communities in which we are active.

Although decisions in these areas are not always free of conflicting interests, we aim to make all them transparent and to find the best solutions possible. The responsible use of natural resources, targeted investments in future-oriented technologies that support profitable growth while offering customers competitive advantages, and a company ethic that goes beyond mere compliance with the law and places integrity at the center of business operations - these are the factors enabling us to drive sustainable development and to lay the basis for our company's successful future.

Sustainability and company values

As our history shows, our understanding of sustainability is closely linked to our company values - responsible, excellent, innovative. From the very first, Werner von Siemens insisted that his company fulfill its responsibilities to its employees, to society and to nature. To achieve excellence, to capture leading positions in the markets of tomorrow, to develop innovative technologies that help ensure the future viability of modern civilization - this has always been our vision and our challenge.